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A city apartment with a touch of warmth and masculinity



Sofia, Bulgaria

Square meters:


This interior project was tailored for a modern family with a passion for minimalism and sleekness in design. The space was carefully curated to create a simple and uncluttered living area, utilizing natural materials and neutral hues. The end result was a stunning home that perfectly embodies the family's contemporary style.


In progress


arch. Peter Peev and arch. Iren Stanikina


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The layout of the apartment was remodeled to incorporate the lifestyle of a young and modern family. With an open living area, the family can enjoy a comfortable and social space for gathering and relaxing. The master bedroom with has its on bathroom is designed for privacy and relaxation, while the kids room provides a fun and functional space for the children. The guest room/office is perfect for accommodating visitors or working from home, and the technical space with a wardrobe in the entryway provides convenient storage for coats and shoes. The overall design of the apartment is modern and visually appealing, with attention paid to functionality and comfort.



The design for this apartment is centered around creating a space that is both modern and functional. With a focus on clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral color palette, the design creates a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that emphasizes both style and practicality.



When implementing every new project, we always strive to ensure that it fits seamlessly into its surroundings. For this particular project, we chose to use a combination of concrete, stone, wood, and brushed platinum finishes as the main materials. By incorporating these natural and luxurious materials, we were able to create a design that not only complements the environment but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.

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