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Reflection of the speed


This project was a unique opportunity to create a space that reflects the dynamic and energetic personalities of our clients, who embody the essence of speed. Located in the award-winning RUHouse in Sofia, Bulgaria, we designed an apartment that exudes movement and energy, incorporating the theme of speed throughout the space. The result is a one-of-a-kind architectural achievement that perfectly reflects the personalities of our clients.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Square meters:

115,05 m²




arch. Peter Peev

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The planning phase of the project was a critical step in achieving our clients' vision. We began by creating a layout that would serve as the foundation for our design. We worked closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, taking into consideration their desire for a comfortable yet luxurious space. Our goal was to create a functional layout that maximized the available square footage while maintaining a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.The final plan that our clients selected was a masterpiece of design, balancing both form and function to create a space that perfectly suited their needs. We worked diligently to create an open-concept living space, consisting of a spacious living room, kitchen, and dining area, which seamlessly connected to the large roof terrace and stunning city view beyond.



The sleek lines and dynamic forms of the furniture and decor elements mirrored the quick and decisive movements of our clients. Even the lighting design, with its sharp angles and bold placement, added to the sense of urgency and action within the apartment. Our design approach perfectly captured the character of speed, resulting in an interior that was both striking and functional.


Building process

Our team was on-site throughout the entire

building process, ensuring that every detail was

executed to perfection.

We worked tirelessly to deliver a final

product that exceeded our clients' expectations

and provided them with a space that perfectly

suited their needs and desires.



The realization of this project was a labor of love, meticulously executed with the utmost attention to detail. We carefully sourced materials to bring our vision to life. The highlight of the space was undoubtedly the large windows that framed the stunning city view, accentuated by a strategically placed mirror upon entrance. The living room's centerpiece was a striking black kitchen with a white marble island, strategically positioned to capture the panoramic view, creating the perfect morning oasis. We utilized stucco to create a visible concrete ceiling effect and introduced a custom-designed lighting solution that cleverly disguised the differences between the levels of ceilings. Our design maximized the use of natural materials such as wood and concrete, emphasizing clean lines, and a contemporary aesthetic. We delivered a final product that flawlessly captured our clients' essence, a testament to our commitment to excellence in all aspects of the design process.

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